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Unfinished Ask.FM "Choose Your Own Adventure"

Back from about a year ago. On my Ask.FM account. There is one where I played a knight ran by a peep that I'll post later. The knight person also wanted to start another one wih me, but after this I lost my confidence/trust so never did so. I have been debating trying though, but now anxious that she'd not be up for it after all this time. Again; this one never got finished leading to a lot of crap feelings.

Lorel is a terrible character to use for a supernatural story as it all creeps her right out.


You find yourself in a seedy motel room. You don't remember how you got here or even where you are. There's no TV, but there is a phone, a bible, and of course, the door. What do you do?‎
Call customer service?
{ }

You pick up the phone, but the line's dead. You hear the sound of footsteps in the hall. Check the bible, the door, or the window?‎
{ }

Inside the bible, you find a cross carved into a dagger. On the back, it says, "St. Louis #5." The footsteps seem to be gone, so you pocket the mysterious item and exit into the hallway. It seems empty. Go left, right, or check other doors?‎
{ }

You check the door immediately in front of you. It's locked. You press your ear to the wood and hear whispered, inhuman voices. Knock, pry the door open with the dagger, check another door, or go left or right?‎
Shudder, then try another door. (I've decided to play this as my inquiry agent Lorel)
{ }

You ignore the mysterious door and try the next. It's open, and swings ajar with a loud creak. You smell rain and notice the window is open, the curtain blowing. You check it. You're on the second floor, but there's a balcony. Next door, the voices grow louder. Climb out, or go back?‎
Climb out.
{ }

You carefully climb out onto the balcony, but it feels like something's grabbing you. You panic, struggling to get away & tumble off the edge, barely catching yourself on the wet railing. You look up; through the veil of rain you see a ghost. You think. Your grip is slipping. Climb back up, or drop?‎
It can't be a ghost, but she doesn't have a good feeling about this--not that she'd admit that. "Assumptions are unwise." and all that spiel. Still having no interest to get involved in whatever this d---ably is (kidnapping? trafficking?), she'll drop and try for the balcony.
{ }

You let go, and land hard on the concrete below. You're soaked from the rain, and realize you're utterly alone. The street is empty of cars and people, but you see a bar across the street, lit by a blue light. Head for it, or go the other way, down the street?
Still hoping to find some clue as to where she is, she'll head cautiously to the bar. { }
{ }

The bar is also eerily empty. Somewhere--although you don't see a jukebox or speakers anywhere--a Louis Armstrong song plays, faint, scratchy, like a used record. An old bartender cleans glasses, eying you suspiciously. Explore the bar, or sit at the counter?
Explore the bar, holding a wrist behind back in an investigative manner.
{ }

The bar seems apparently devoid of any life (other than the mysterious bartender) or anything electronic, but you do find a back room. Do you sneak inside to explore it when he's not looking, sit at the counter, or leave?‎
She closes her eyes as the sounds of Satchmo crackle about. The fall & the damp are not doing much good for her joints, but it's time to get down to business. Straightening her shirt to check that the brace hasn't slipped-for ambiguity is often the best way to play things-the pavonine detective makes her way to the counter and plunks down.
{ }

The bartender sets a glass in front of you, and immediately pours you a shot of bourbon, straight. Do you drink it, or ask him for information?
She prefers brandy, mind, but there is a nostalgia of great, or 'in the least' hardboiled detectives of film noir. But business has to come first here, so she spreads her palms out on the counter top, and asks questions. A careful practice of not using contractions making her West Country (Gloucestershire) accent more understandable.
{ }

He smiles, revealing yellowed, stained teeth, and pulls a locked box from under the counter, pushing it toward you. You examine the box, but when you look up to ask him for clarification, he's disappeared, leaving you with the box & bourbon. Drink or attempt to pry open the box?
Lorel shudders and eyes the bourbon. The bad feeling lurches in her stomach, and she reaches for the glass. Then pausing she lets a long exhale from her nose and gets to work on the locked box.
{ }

You use the dagger to pry open the box. It breaks, revealing a small squeeze bottle. Inside the box, you find a blank piece of paper. Use the bottle on the paper, or search the bar for clues?
If she could have found something more practical she could have picked the lock, and she looks at the broken dagger with a small bit of regret. She'll carefully try the bottle on the paper.
{ }

When you squeeze the liquid onto the page, a map is revealed. St. Louis #5 Cemetery, it says in fancy script on the bottom. In the center of the map is an X. You know you need to get there, but aren't sure how. You notice a blue light coming from a dark hall at the opposite end of the room. Explore?
She studies the light while flipping the paper back-and-forth trying to dry it before tucking it into a trouser pocket. She'll investigate.
{ }

The back room appears to be some kind of shrine. Words are written all over the walls in white chalk in an unknown language, and a statue of a god of indeterminate sex sits in the center, surrounded by candles giving off blue light. Take the idol, or continue exploring?‎
She eyes the statue thinking of her own attempts at appearing ambiguous, and also of someone else. But she'll keep exploring.
{ }

As you continue to explore the room, you think you hear a voice. Ethereal. Singing. Blue candle lighting your way, you follow the sound to a loose panel in the wall. Removing it reveals a dark passage. Enter?
She holds her stomach, and chooses not to enter.
{ }


The one running this one here had things come-up but said they'd finish it. I asked a few weeks later if my not choosing to go down the hallway meant my game ended, was told no, and that they'd get back to it. I asked again a few weeks later if they were going to finish (even saying how anxious I was), and got about "lol no". The only time since then I've tried role-playing was a Zero Escape/Nonary Game one where I asked a question about the application with the runner who had me excited to try, and she didn't respond for 2 weeks then told me it was full (by mostly her friends, who were playing 2 or more slots each). Anyway! Playing this while I did was fun. I missed/miss playing my Lorrie, but the pain in combination with the feeling that I am not allowed to [and the whole she is the character I was playing because of the setting & stories & interactions she had that I can't continue (with the feeling that besides from a 'jealous lover' & a 'mindful friend' nothing I ever did with it ever happened)] means I don't just jump to something else. However I had a surge of capacity to try with this, and if felt really good (and The Detective was a fun choice to go with) until it didn't get finished. Then I felt really anxious, and felt like maybe the person didn't continue because I was too annoying/sucky at it. I ended-up feeling inadequate & dumb -__- But for awhile I was proud of myself for even trying.
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