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Knight Ask.FM "Choose Your Own Adventure"

From my Ask.FM account from around a year ago. I didn't even follow mimsisgiggles before this, she just suddenly decided to include me and it was fantastic. I felt bad though that I think she changed it because I was having such a hard time, but the cerberus thing has become an in-joke for us (I even drew one in the Christmas card I sent her).


Choose your own adventure. You're at a fork in the road. To the left you see a castle in the distance, shrouded in unnatural fog. To the right, the road looks clear all the way to the horizon. If I'm a heroic knight, I suppose I need to head for castle!
{ }

You encounter an old man on the road. He is trapped under his wagon. Do you stop to help or continue on?‎
Since I'm a cool ass knight--HELP OLD MAN
{ }

You help the old man. Miraculously he has no wounds. Grateful for your help he gives you a magic sword and disappears. Night is falling. Do you stop to camp, or continue on looking for an inn?‎
Magic sword! Shame I couldn't take the wagon though. I want to set-up camp, but it's probably safest to stay awake, so--LOOK FOR INN
{ }

Not long after sunset you find an inn. You eat a hearty meal, spend the night, and wake feeling refreshed. The innkeeper offers to sell you a horse, but it costs all your gold. Do you buy the horse, or continue walking?‎
I'm usually hella frugal in games, but I can cover more distance (also mounted knights are cool)--BUY HORSE
{ }

You buy the horse and make good time toward your destination. At the edge if the fogbank, the horse spooks, throwing you to the ground, and runs away never to be seen again. You can enter the eerie fog now with what little sunlight remains, or wait until morning.‎
Damnable horse! I'm going to feel conned and angrily plunk down, and--WAIT UNTIL MORNING
{ }

You set up camp, but can't get a fire going and sleep fitfully shivering in the cold. In the morning you enter the fog. It is too thick to see more than a few feet in front of you. You hear a strange noise. Follow the noise, or head toward the castle doors?‎
I am making a note to shake-down the Innkeeper, and not trusting the sound,--HEAD TOWARD CASTLE DOORS
{ }

As you head toward the castle doors, you draw your sword in caution, and notice it seems to repel the fog around you. Upon reaching the entrance, the doors swing open soundlessly. You see a young woman collapsed on the floor in the middle of the hall. Attend her, or leave her and move on?‎
Magic sword! ATTEND HER
{ }

She does not appear to have any visible wounds and you bring her around with little effort. She tells you her name is Madge and her brother is somewhere in the castle. She also warns you of the wizard that owns the castle. Go after her brother, the wizard, or flee the castle?‎
Since he might know more, I'll GO AFTER HER BROTHER
{ }

You head for the east wing at Madge's suggestion. All the doors are unlocked except for the tower. You break the lock, and find a staircase. Up or down?‎
{ }

You descend the stairs, with an ever- increasing sense of dread. At the bottom of the staircase is a dungeon. An iron door swings shut behind you. Madge appears on the other side; you are now her prisoner. Your adventuring days are over.‎
:[ Damnable Madge!
{ }

Restart, reload from the last question, or quit?‎
:[ Damnable Madge! RELOAD
{ }

You head for the east wing at Madge's suggestion. All the doors are unlocked except for the tower. You break the lock, and find a staircase. Up or down?‎
*Determined face* UP
{ }

At the top of the tower you find a boy in chains, perhaps ten years old. He wakes as you enter, relieved to see you. The boy's name is Nico. He tells you the powerful wizard rules the castle from the arcanaeum in the lower dungeon. Go there to confront the wizard, or get Madge and Nico out?‎
I feel like I'm using the morphogenetic field (regarding Madge), so I'll--CONFRONT THE WIZARD
{ }

Nico begs you not to leave him. Can you resist his pleading?‎
I am a knight of duty & loneliness? Maybe? His sister can deal with him if it's that important?

{ }

You deposit Nico with Madge, head down to the entrance of the lower dungeon. You find it guarded by a Cerberus. Do you fight the monster with your trusty magic sword, or retreat and attempt another way in?‎
Since I usually play sneaky--FIGHT CERBERUS
{ }

You fight the Cerberus valiantly! Two of the monsters heads fall to your blade before the third head takes your arm and the sword with it! The beast chokes on your bones and dies. You think you can bandage your wound. Do you continue on single-handed or flee?
{ I can't find the answer on my Ask.FM to link to this (possibly; ?)}

Noble and intrepid knight that you are, you do not abandon your quest, but head back to the main hall to recuperate. Madge helps you tend your wound while the boy fixes a meal from the food in your pack. Do you stay and rest, or continue on as soon as you are able?‎
{ }

You find the lower dungeons and use a torch to light your way. You hear strange noises echoing off the damp algae-covered walls. There are three doors to choose from: right, left, or center?‎
Since I'm fond of 999!Snake I'll choose LEFT
{ }

In the chamber behind the left door you find an old man bound in chains locked in a cage. He promises he can restore your arm and help you defeat the wizard if you set him free. Release the prisoner or leave him be?
Well I got a magic sword last time, so--RELEASE HIM
{ }

As soon as the chains fall from his shoulders, he stands straight and tall looking years younger. He captures you gaze with eyes like mercury and you feel excruciating pain as your arm grows back. Then he gives you a medallion and vanishes. Time to choose another door. Right or center?
I'll stand there dumbfounded for a moment, then wander to (because of The Legend of Zelda) RIGHT
{ }

In the right chamber is a large chest guarded by the skeletons of two halberdiers. You eye their sharp halberds suspiciously. Go for the chest, or return for the center door?
Having just been healed, I am in no mood to risk possibly getting impaled by undead :[ GO BACK TO CENTRE DOOR
{ }

Through the center door is the arcanaeum. It is impossibly huge. Winding your way through a maze of bookcases and tables of half-completed experiments you reach the center, where the wizard stands occupied. You have only the medallion and your bare hands. Attack or try to converse with the wizard?
Did the cerberus eat my magic sword? ;~; CONVERSE WITH THE WIZARD
{ }

As you talk to the wizard, you feel his words trying to ensnare you in a spell, but the medallion protects you. You grab a heavy object from the table in front of you and throw it at the wizard, distracting him. Do you flee the arcanaeum in search of a weapon, or attack him with your bare hands?
Time to book it! *fedora tip* FLEE
{ }

You turn the flee, but the undead halberdiers block your path. You are confident your armor will protect you if you try to wrest one of the weapons away. Probably. Surrender to the wizard, or try for the halberd?‎
{ }

Swift as a fox, and with the bravery befitting a knight of your order, you rush one of the skeletons and grab their halberd. You feel a bit of power course through you from the medallion, and at your touch the skeletons fall apart. Attack the wizard with your new weapon, or continue fleeing?‎
Since he tried to bespell me when I just tried to talk :[ (and send his skeletons after me) ATTACK WIZARD
{ }

The following battle is harrowing. The wizard knows many tricks which your new medallion does not protect against, but in the end, you manage to defeat him. The castle, and all it's riches, are now rightfully yours.
Huzzah! My first acts are to kick Madge & Nico out, and deposit the cerberus corpse on the innkeeper's front lawn.
{ }


I remember telling her that my knight was probably greatly traumatised.
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