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Naïvety's Star

Armand from 2007 for Armadei

I've been on DeviantART a bit the past week, and I found this sketch in my Gallery. It says I uploaded it on November 7TH, 2007 but it was drawn before then because I remember taking pictures of the drawing with my camera before scanning it. It's of Armand from The Vampire Chronicles, and was for alchemy_hisoka as part of an art trade (I'm not sure if her side was the picture I'm remembering or not. She sent me several years ago). I'm debating quickly colouring it as I did the Alexander one I did earlier tonight.



At the time this was meant to be him as holding Marius' hand.


I'm not too happy about the background, I'd like something darker. But I used Multiply layers instead of Standard and I was too lazy to put a white shape layer thing. I pictured his clothes lighter I think back in 2007, but { } had a very dark outfit for later 1400's men. Also I did not have an Armand palette already, so his hair colour actually came from my Alfred Cassius one, and his eye colour is from Lorel's.



No background:


Blood & Gold?:


Different shade of background:

Tags: art, gift, the vampire chronicles
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