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William Cassius doodle

I've not really shared or talked much about my AU characters of William, Daphne, & Percy. Sunday was William's birthday though [April 13TH], so I decided to try doodling a picture of him, since all I did was a tektek doll (with 2 different versions because the hair style I wanted wasn't in the exact colour shade I wanted, and I couldn't find one in that shade that I wanted) in 2011. I also wish I was better at not drawing things so small. This is only a little over 300x300 pixels wide, but drawing things small is a problem I've had for years. Which is why when I scan things I scan at 400DPI; but since I drew this with the pencil tool in ArtRage 2.6 I can't really adjust it -____-;

He is kind of based on this kid:

[Who on looking again looks a bit like Patrick Jane/Simon Baker ^^;]



Without added paper texture!:


Daphne | Percy


So, yeah, AU characters. I've said before that when I killed Lorel, that everything for her stopped. I didn't want to deal with any thoughts of how she'd react to how things went on. None of the feelings about dying, or people having parties to celebrate her dying, or Triton disappearing (died by neglect?), or renamed things or any of that. I left ways open that she could come back, like her body not being found (I think it might be in a tank in Flute Street, 'alive', but Lorel isn't there), but the reason I killed her off was to end her story in the best of the worst ways {Thus death by accident. I went over everything from her getting pregnant [and leaving for Gloucestershire because of not wanting to be around for the resentment, & other problems], something happening to her uncle [and having to take over the business (though she'd want to run it from London)], to the worst case leading to drinking herself to death [like she almost did before]}. To not have to deal with lies, or fears being true, or any of that. To just have her stop. I stupidly left her lizard & bat in play, but only her bat wasn't pretty much retconned. So to give my brain something to think on instead of these things, I kind of left her in an AU where crap didn't happen and she just had her naïve life. Domesticity, and being an ace detective, and home, marriage, and all of that before anything. One of the things Lorel only mentioned a few times, but that I didn't play much was her being barren. [TMI on that]Her & Alfred tried for almost 5 years to have children, but nothing came of it and she began to think she was the reason. And having her monthly cycle when feeling "defective" just kept bringing it back. Though that would still bother her when she years later was in London, the 'being barren' thing at least was good for her sexual experimentation and relationships. Though she'd have used French slips [French safes] most of the time, if something was serious & someone was clean (the #EBZRP decided STD's were something we'd skip over anyway) she'd prefer not to. So she'd only have had that serious "...I have French slips, over there, but-- *sad tone, voice cracking slightly* I am barren. ...So if you do not have anything, and you'd prefer not--Well I am unable to become pregnant..." talk once since the damn Smuggler left. But yeah, the London experimentation just confirmed her suspicions since she did not become pregnant after many, many different male-bodied partners. Relatedly her infertility is caused by a condition that eggs won't stick to the uterine lining (I used to know the name of it, but cannot remember now). It isn't that she's not producing eggs, or unable to, but yeah.

But as this was an AU, I thought I'd add a child to that, so after 6 more years she became pregnant (leading to lots of fear, especially that her unladylike body would not be able to carry a baby, her older age, or she'd die during childbirth, and annoyance at not having cider over winter holidays). And that was William [the name is referenced in the Saunder drabble]. There is a genetic probability chart for eye-colour I linked on Tumblr before, which I actually used for this unlike just making stuff up for Alfred's family. Which is why Wills (what I call him, just like Lorel is 'Lorrie') inherited Lorel's 'sweet' brown eyes. And as most everyone related has blue eyes (also blonde hair) is why Daphne & Percy got blue (and the red hair). It was originally just Wills (with his unruly hair), but Percy kind of happened and since I'd never had twin characters (except with my "Demon King" gods) I liked the idea here. Percy is the most like Lorel, serious only without trauma to lead to the pain/sadness. And 'Daphne' isn't a name that Lorel would prefer, but I personally liked having her named after her mother [Though Lorel purposely was like Harold Finch in that she would use laurel tree related aliases]. She's the most likely to also become an inquiry agent, just as William is the most likely to go in another direction. I don't think on this AU as much as I did, but it was a nice place to leave Lorel instead of the canon one. It gave me 'piece of mind' since I never really was able to grieve, and the 'not allowed' feelings persist.

So that's why I've never really talked about the AU characters, though I did name my 2 identical external hard-drives after the twins. I guess the Winter Hunt character I made a Mii of goes into this AU too, along with Maria (though Maria could have been in canon too).

As for age differences between them, if I go by the old "Echo Bazaar" dates [1891 = 2011] William would be born April 13TH, 1894 and Daphne & Percy June 6TH, 1896.

{ } ← Has similar to the traits charts I used.
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