Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote in ladys_rambles,
Naïvety's Star

Alfred Cassius doodle

[and here is a small little Robin] #EBZ on Twitpic [and a little Flora too] #EBZ on Twitpic
[I'll upload the non-Twitpic sized ones someday]

Here is a sketch I did of Alfred back around the time I did sketches for dunsanyrdr in 2012. I planned on scanning & colouring it in the style of the above Robin & Flora ones, but never got around to it until yesterday. He is holding a turnip, which is something he took a lot of pride in growing. I'm not sure if he'd wear a bright maroon/prune/purple suit jacket, but I really wanted to use that colour in something so I went with it. He would wear the brown trousers, brown suit vest, and the light purple accessories though. I love how I mixed the turnip XD



Without added paper texture!:


Darker paper texture!:

And old wedding teketek avatars I made in 2011 (that I found while looking for the children ones).
~wedding~ (no title)

Not what they actually would have worn, though the suit one is something like Lorrie would wear. I was just messing around with tektek.
Tags: art, echo bazaar, l.s. cassius
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