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Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown

These are from mid-2011 from when the party distraction Storylet was released. The story behind how Lorel got this dress is that she woke-up in it after a night of prowling (drinking Black Wings Absinthe). But these were painted in ArtRage back when I think it's called "A Polite Invitation" was first released and on Twitter several of us were playing it out over about the span of a week. Lorel wasn't sure about attending, but wanted to wear the Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown, and then Cécile Béringer came in through one of #27c bedroom's windows and did Lorel's hair & put lipstick on her [Things happened with other players though that made me too disgruntled to continue to play Lorel going to the party, but here is what she was wearing during the party off-screen]. I originally wanted to have Lorel wear her long hair wig (made from her own hair back when she first cut it short on her preparations for London), but the short hair with the dress & lipstick added more ridiculousness & was what Cécile worked with.

And a version without lipstick:

And a little doodle too:


I cannot find the large size of the old Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown in-game image, so I edited one from the default old gown image to try to show what it looked like in-game:


And you can see the chain for the vial that had Red Honey/Gaoler's Honey in it. Lorel would wear this all the time, because it was such a risky thing to have traces of. I played The Chambers Of The Heart until it kicked me out, meaning Lorel got the maximum One who has Indulged in Unknown Pleasures Quality and was fairly traumatised by the experience. Leading to her ceasing use of Prisoner's Honey until helped with it by a held hand. And then she stopped again after being honey-mazed from later Nemesis stuff.

I edited her hair in OpenCanvas 3.03e to remove the hairclips & lace bit.
Tags: art, echo bazaar, l.s. cassius, role-play
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