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Back months ago I tried installing Corel Painter 12 on my laptop, after having not used Corel Painter in years [though I used their WordPerfect (that came with my Dell desktop) as the last non-Apache OpenOffice sucked working with my custom dictionary]. I really cannot remember what settings I used for this Kaido Kio picture, but I liked how pigmented the brushes were. Anyway I've wanted to draw some things and thought I'd try installing it again (despite it being arduous in my zoomed-in resolution).

Here are a few tests with different programs, and I still prefer OpenCanvas 3.03e & MyPaint for faux watercolour, as they mix more realistically (when I have a wet colour and drag it into another still wet colour, I expect them to mix, and the bottom colour to follow what path I take the brush in). I don't like the amount of white in OC's watercolour brush though, which is why I work on Multiply layers.

Original, sketched quick in ArtRage 2.6:

Fullsize → original:

The colours I used for the outfit are from my default Zinnian palette, the red & brownish being from his earrings.

OpenCanvas 3.03e:

Fullsize → OpenCanvas 3.03e:

Corel Painter

Fullsize → Corel Painter 12:

Krita 2.8 Pre-Alpha:

Fullsize → Krita:

MyPaint 1.0.0:

Fullsize → MyPaint:

GIMP 2.8.14:

Fullsize → GIMP:

ArtRage 2.6 (Marker):

Fullsize → ArtRage 2.6:

MS Paint Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1 7601 (with an OC Multiply layer):

Fullsize → MS Paint Windows 7 Home Premium:

I really disliked Krita. It saved the layered file I painted in as corrupted so I lost all that work. The developers removed all previous versions because they didn't want someone running it on Windows XP (despite it working on it). I couldn't figure-out how to use the eyedropper tool to select a colour from one image (my Zinnian palette) to use on the image I was colouring [ended-up pasting the palette as a Multiply layer and selecting from that in the corner]. And closing one file caused the whole program to close. I hate Windows 7's MS Paint, and have only used it a few times--I use the Paint XP program (especially since most of my MS Paint usage is to save ALT+Print Screen screenshots, and to edit pixels) instead! I have ArtRage 3 Studio Pro 3.5, but I've not tried much of it to see how it's for faux watercolour. I don't even have it installed on the laptop since the Windows reinstall, as I use ArtRage for pencil & marker sketching, and I much prefer the open workspace of 2.6 & how the canvas is set-up as a background in it. It's a shame 2.6 doesn't offer anything but acrylic/oil painting, as I ♥♥♥♥ how real most of their tools look.

When I 'watercolour' digitally, I usually take a traditional drawing or one with pencil in ArtRage 2.6, open it in OpenCanvas 3.03e, and paint over it using Multiply players & adjusting it's Watercolour tool. I usually then paste the finished image over a Multiply layer of a paper texture, usually also with a Multiply layer of the original sketch to make the lineart more pronounced.

I have an old version of PaintTools SAI I've not tried installing on the laptop, but if I do I'll add what I colour with it to here too. If I had more energy I'd print-off the lineart & paint it with physical watercolours too, to show a comparison--I just wish I still had my set of high pigment Grumbacher watercolours. The set I have now has a higher amount of white filler to it, and I dislike it. I don't do much traditional art now because of the difficulties with scanning the colour blue, which is a colour I often use a lot of. And now I have the whole hand issue too, but the fat tablet pen is easier to hold than pencils/pens.
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