June 14th, 2014


"On Meeting An Inquiry Agent" -- Part # 3/? (unfinished)

I am posting what I had of the 3RD part typed because I'm not sure now if I will ever finish it. I prefer to type on my Nintendo 3DS, but I can't guarantee I will have the confidence & capacity for any more. I did make robin_cassius before LiveJournal's change though. I've also made Lorel a Tumblr (which is mostly just a Queue that posts once a day). And I temporaliy disabled comments on Lorel's account due to crushing anxiety. LJ.NET [ljnetdev] has stopped loading a list of Communities now, and though Semagic [ljwin32_sema] can't either they allow you to manually add a Community to post to. So that's what I'm using until that breaks too -___-; Any way; if I finish this I'll update, but right now I'm posting what I have.


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And the Communities not loading has been fixed!