August 27th, 2014

Boy Blue


I've been watching a lot of "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" lately. It's about inquiry agent partners, where one (Hopkirk) is murdered, comes back to help solve it, and ends up stuck unable to cross back over. So he just goes about helping his partner (Randall) solve cases, having misadventures, and looking-out for his widow (Jeanie who is awesome). He is such an awkward ghost though. He tends to forget he has ghostly powers, and has at times watched a crime be committed that he could have stopped if he had. He really only can teleport (he can only walk through walls if he's got his eyes closed, and walking backwards), create a bit of wind (to blow things over or around), break glass, flicker lights, and has just started learning how to make things on tables vibrate slightly. Only Randall, mediums, hypnotised people, and one very drunk guy can see him. I love how capable Jeanie is (though a bit gullible with some things), and Jeff has made her basically his new partner after she inherited all of Marty's share in the business. I've only got about 5 more episodes left (the YouTube uploads I was watching have different episode numbers to the rip I'm watching now after a few episodes were missing, so I'm watching in a weird order). Hopkirk is so adorkable though XD! I love his flashbacks to times with Jeanie and on cases. Randall is pretty fantastic too, and has great style.

"Young Marty Hopkirk"~