September 20th, 2014


3 Course Notebook Doodles

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I have a 240 page notebook that I've been using for all the courses I've taken this year. I am now using it for Discover Driving which I am retaking as I did it around 2005/2006 and some laws have changed [like the school zone one], and I would rather have the course again instead of cramming for the beginners' test with my old notes for the 5TH time. They aren't charging me full price as I was part paid for my driving last time, but didn't get to do much of it. Anyway! I've been drawing a bit in it. Mostly just in the margins [like this of Lorrie in bed with a healing dislocated shoulder in a sling after using her sword to cut-off Scathewick's head]; but I've left the last section [it's a 3 section/subject one] for fucking around in, unless I fill-up the other sections. So far it only has 3 doodles in said section ^^;

Today I drew a doodle of Zinnian wearing the outfit [excluding the wristwatch] I wore on Friday. Which had a t-shirt [Joe Fresh, $1.48 from the clearance rack] I bought because it was something my little Alexander would wear. And after reinstalling my scanner [which I used in August but must have deleted a file with System Restore for it] I scanned it and 2 other doodles. Then I coloured it.

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And back in the spring [I misread the RAZR filename as in the autumn] I doodled a picture of Shahi from "Boy Princess" during my food handling course.

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Lastly; I doodled the first ever picture of me with my 'new' haircut. This was around 3:00PM of a course I had been at since 8:45AM, when I was so tired and getting SO ANNOYED at the guy who sat next to me [we had to share the question books for the quizzes, and he'd fiddle with his 'phone (which an instructor had told us we weren't to use as practice for when driving), or talk to guy beside him instead of doing the answers. Then when I'd get annoyed from waiting and flip to the next page to do those questions myself, he'd take the book and huddle over it to catch-up on his answers (meaning I'd have to hurry to finish the questions near the end, or do them from memory). Every time he'd get his 'phone out of his pocket he'd hit my hip, elbow, or knee and he kept taking-up more and more of the corner of the table until I was sitting on the edge and had moved my notebook to my lap as I didn't even have that much space left on the table. (I'm going to go out of my way to avoid him for the next 3 sessions)].