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"An Affair With a Box" & "Nemesis" Part # 003 Facebook rambles

I made a Facebook account for my character L.S. Cassius, for when Failbatter Games hooked "Echo Bazaar" into Facebook Connect and also as an outlet to role-play them.

I love the "Nemesis" story and wanted to post the events on FB, but I didn't want to post spoliers. So I waited a few weeks and then tried to be vague.

These were posted over about a month, and mostly from my phone at silly hours while I was in bed. The spelling is crap sometimes :P

"An Affair With a Box" is a story where you are hired to steal an iron box from a courier. "You were hired to steal a box by a Stuttering Fence [...]"

"Nemesis" is my Ambition. "Someone you loved is dead. You swore you'd scour the world for the killer. Your search brought you under the world."


That was an incredibly wretched night. I tasted 'red honey'.


Was hired to steal a box last night. I failed, but the large amount of constabulary in the area has lead me to feel set-up. Also that the box`s contents must be `special`...I am lay-low today and if I am identified positively I will head up to The Flit for awhile. Despite a good reputation with the constables, nothing has much weight if I was in fact set-up.

New Newgate is the least of my worries. My consulting detective work has led for more discovery of further escape tactics. I worry most about the reputation hit I would get--if I was charged with anything. I should be out following leads and instead am staying inside to try to show I really am not up to anything. The fact that I haven`t bolted should help prove that.


Much thanks to my honerably friend Tobias! I can now walk more freely without being watched by the 'special' constabulary. I have also tried asking around about the man who hired me to steal the d---ed box in the first place, but nothing very solid as of yet. I may further investigate if I get any more clues.


I have attended one of the lovely Miss Fawkes' open salons, and I must say I am having one of the best times I have had since coming to London!

I know that I shouldn't find enjoyment from my time here, but all darkness must have a few light patches~ The company has been marvelous, and I hope that it continues! Who needs Prisoner's Honey (which I have tried to avoid since the Shuttered Palace garden experience) when one can have such fun without it?

Mr. Thorne is most charming, and my friend & confidant; Lorenna has arrived!


I came back to Spite after that -wonderful- open salon of Miss Fawkes. I was not tipsy from anything but cheerfulness, and after the past few days I thought I could finally put that whole box affair behind me. I always check my ramshackle mailbox-it is basically a big wooden breadbox that belonged to the previous or pr...evious-previous owners-before anything as to see if there are any Hastily Scrawled Warnings or jobs.

I wondered if my tea had in fact been laced when I saw what was awaiting me. Someone had left that d---able box! What the ---- is going on here?! Is this another d---able set-up?! I contemplated throwing the thing into the Thames! How dare someone single me out in this! The words that were uttered that night were such ...that you would normally have to go to Wolfstack Docks to hear. Some I didn't even know I knew.

I thought about just leaving it and heading off for a bit, but as I was turning the box seemed to jiggle and almost hop. I decided that if I was to be stuck with it I should try to find-out the reason. It was a bit of effort to drag the heavy d---able thing inside. If it really did jump, what inside could have -moved- ...something of solid iron? I have been keeping a close watch of the area to see who knows it it here.


There has been no sign of anyone looking for the box again today. I am about to leave for job. A spot of interrogation -for- the constabulary in actuality. I have been hired to find truth to rumours of Unfinished Men hiding amoungst Clay Men labourers. I prefer not to make judgements towards either, but I am to be paid a fair amount.

I still have flashbacks from my first job that involved Clay kind. I wonder what as become of my quarry for that case? Those green eyes are burned into my mind. I must be off now, lest I remember too much and end up late.

I have hired The Chief for guard duty while I am out. I expect any intruders to have their eyes poked with a poison needle ambush, or unexpectantly shot.


No-one came while I was out. What are they waiting for?! In any case, I finally got a lead on Scathewick`s where-abouts. Going to follow that tonight. It may be a dead end, but if something happens [to me]...well, I tried A*****.


I survived, but have not been able to write in this thing until the swelling had gone down. Many...many...bees. That action will probably come back as an unwise one, but I feel I have done a good thing. ...I doubt even heavy leather gauntlets could have protected my hands and arms from the stings.


 My lead was that Mackay's buyer at the Palace was still around and so I went there to do surveillance on her. A woman clothed all in black, with a large set of keys on her belt. The Jingling Servant.

I disguised myself, as I am known at the palace, and I watched this woman for several nights. Each night she would go to a walled unlock a number of locks and enter. Hours lates she would exit and go back to her other duties. I finally made my move and relieved her of her keys.

Chloroform is not a tool I have much experience with apart from measuring. That was more A*****`s side...I pounced on the Jingling Servant and she put up more of a fight than was expected. I finally got the cloth over her nose an she soon went limp. I stowed her in a bush and then I had to hurry.


It was rushed guesswork to open the three locks with so many different keys to try. Finally I got it open and I remember shaking with nerves. What awaited me was another locked door. It having no handle I decided I had come so far already that I knocked so hard as to bang my knuckles..

"What is the taste?" was the bored reply. I knew instantly that they meant the taste of the red honey..the Gaoler's Honey..The taste is still there at the very edges of my thoughts, weaker than it was, but still lurking. 'Something dark and smoky behind the honey's sweetness. A rising thunder of drums and brassy chimes....' I simply replied "The taste is the key.", my lips moving almost against my will. The door opened.


The man on the other side assumed I was a visiting Tomb Colonist.-I really do not know why. If someone who had died many deaths still had an appearence like mine, I don`t see why they would emigrate.-I played along with the mistaken identity.

He gave me a tour of the garden. I could see that it had at one time be a cheerful place. Fountains, and benches, and the dried-out remains of various trees. Like tragic skeletons in the moonish light. Though now it had been converted into a scene that made me feel ill.

I will not go into detail, but it did show me that though I knew the palace had fallen, I was unaware of that far to depravity. ...the bees were everywhere...


I held my composure and questioned the man on Scathewick. I learned enough for a further lead. Then in a loss of temper I struck the Simpering Cagekeeper. I don`t know what came over me. The hurt and pain over A*****, the anger at Scathewick, and disgust at the current situation seemed to travel in my fist. I hit him over-and-over. My knuckles ached, but I fought.

Despite my stature I easily overcame him. I vaguely remember his revolver fly from his hand. I shoved the man over and in the moment, smashed his head against a fountain until his body went limp. I then looked around to decide my next move. #EBZ

Running on the exhilaration I unlocked the number of cages. I tried to use a candle to drive the clouds of bees back, but it did very little good. Their stingers pricks and dug into my flesh. Through my jacket. Through my shirt. I closed my eyes as tight as I could, praying that the d---able things wouldn't go for my face.

I doubt I could even have saw though the swarm if I had eye-protection. Finally I heard the muted thunk as the last lock hit the ground and returned to a safer area of the garden. Luckily the swarm did not pursue me. I caught my breath, and assured myself that my eyes were intact.

I looked around and the faces staring at me and the few cheers were muted by the sound of my own heart. I calmly asked a few more questions, and was given a further lead. Who is this 'Carrywell', and how do they connect to Scathewick? Were they responsible for A*****'s murder?


I am now still waiting on my Tomb Colony connections to see if anyone has heard those names. I also finally tracked-down that d--- Fence. It took a few weeks, but I finally got to confront the git. The box is a Master's box. So not only do I have to worry about the law, I now have to fear Mr. Stones. -----.


Tonight I was met by two Clay Men with sledgehammers as I was walking to my lodgings. I had dealing with them before, when I was hired by Mr. Pages. Jasper & Frank. They requested that I give them the box. I declined. I want to know why this d--- box is so important. Surely someone does not go through all the trouble to steal from Mr. Stones for nought?

They refused to answer any of my questions and after they gave me one more chance to transfer said possession, I foolishly decided to charge them.

I have have fought Clay Men before, but Frank's speed surprised me and I took his hammer to my ribs. I heard the now uncomfortably familiar crack and the pain took the wind from me. I rolled out of the way as he went to smash down. I gathered myself and ran as best I could for the stairs and up to the rooftops. I did not this that they would be able to reach me up there.

But Jasper flabbergasted me when he scaled a few barrels and came after me. I bolted to the nearest gap and leapt. I hit the shingles and lost my footing. Scrambling to my feet again I ran again. Another gap. By now I could feel the blood pooling to the bruise and air was getting hard to catch. The tiles clacked under my boots. Up some crates. Another gap. My heart pounding.

I scaled a nearby rainspout, using windows as a foothold. I didn't dare look behind me until I had reached the top of the tower's jutting. I seemed to have lost them. I waited around an hour before painfully climbing down. I am expecting another encounter, but still none has come. I still have the box.


I posted more before this but this is more a story. I tried to post it a bit each day but often forgot to. There was around a 2 week gap in the "going to do something" and the "returned" bits.

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