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Seven -- Lady Norémon

I wasn't happy with Seven's eyebrows so I sent-off ... on Twitpic


title or description

This was drawn for The ZE Fans Collab Project! ahnjehleehn really thoughtfully asked me to join, so thank-you, Angie! I had a lot of anxieties, especially like fear about them changing their minds about me being in it (and not telling me they had), unlimited rice pudding, et cetera, et cetera. But I managed to finish my piece, and I wasn't even on of the last ones to get it in (I submited on the 27TH, though I could have finished on the 23RD)! I'm actually rather proud of how it turned-out, especially how I coloured Seven's overalls. There are a few things that I see that I wish I had fixed (like some blue on his right hand), but it is good enough ^^ I already resubmitted once because I didn't like how bushy I drew his eyebrows (I didn't notice all that time, but after playing through the Confinement Room in 999, it really stood-out for me). I left his eyes un-highlighted/shaded because in some arts they look blue, others white, and others black, so I figured the same blue as the Mii I made was suitable enough. I chose Seven because he is my second favourite character, and not because I figured no-one else would choose him (my list was Seven, Quark, Tenmyouji, Snake, & 999!Clover).

The person responsible for Tenmyouji backed-out 5 hours ago, so I was tempted to request letting me rush to draw him too, but I decided I was fine with my Seven.
Tags: art, collaboration, zero escape
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