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Seven -- Lady Norémon (in progress pictures)

After last night's anxiety on it, finally starting sketc... on Twitpic My Seven's shoes. #999 on Twitpic

Preview of my Seven lineart #999 on Twitpic And finally done my Seven lineart! Going to eat then colour :... on Twitpic Here is what I got done though on Twitpic At least I got more done on my Seven tonight #999 on Twitpic
This spot reminded me of a red-pupiled eye on Twitpic ...And perhaps because I was working zoomed-in so long but I ... on Twitpic And -finally- finished the flat colouring for my Seven! Huzza... on Twitpic And here is just me fooling around highlighting with pen pres... on Twitpic

Again this was drawn for The ZE Fans Collab Project! The original completed post is located {HERE}!

AND! The completed collabaration has been posted! (Uchikoshi did not respond, but Frank "Bo" deWindt loves it.)


The original sketch!:

The resized sketch, rough guideline, & Rin's template!:

The lineart!:

The flat colouring!:


I then e-mailed it to Rin, & was then told that I needed to shrink it by 5%--Which was good that the resizing worked/fitted to a nice less finicky number.


Before I redrew his eyebrows...:

And finished!:


I wish I had played through the Submarine Ending before drawing, since his face doesn't match Seven in-game as much.
Tags: art, collaboration, zero escape
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